Independent News Media says US Complicit in Flight 253 Terror Plot, Media Cover-Up.

Independent News Media says US complicit in Flight 253 terror plot …” Al-Qaeda usually plans their attacks months if not years in advance to ensure their success. The more one delves into the article, the more one realizes that the failed attempt was meant to fail. It was only meant to scare. There is a disturbing allegation that Umar Farouk Abdul-Mutallab, the 23-year old Nigerian, who was indicted on terrorism charges, had a father who worried about him according to media reports. However, in this version, we find that Abdul-Mutallab’s father was a man with prominent standing in Nigeria, retired from high level position in banking, and currently holding chairmanship in several businesses. He also ran the national arms industry (DICON) in patnership with Israel.  The West may not know, or may not wish to publicize that Nigeria has a strong Mossad presence in the country in order to train their own security agents.  A September 2008 article discusses at length the Nigerian position regarding the presence of Israeli agents in its territory…”                                  [Mathaba] : source

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