Random Shots 15 Feb ’09

Beyond Children of the Atom: Black Politics, White Minds and the X-Men

“By any means necessary.”

The famous quote by black political icon, orator and legend Malcolm X is well known to many. However I couldn’t help notice the surprise on a friend’s face when he heard the line uttered not by the 1960s black visionary, but British actor Sir Ian McKellen in the role of another icon that rose to prominence in the turbulent 1960s: Eric Magnus Lehnsherr, better known as Magneto. The first of these luminaries may have been flesh and blood while the other exists only as ink within Marvel Comics X-Men Universe, but that didn’t matter: because in that brief moment I had been vindicated.

DJ Victorious & Sha Stimuli – Black History PSA #3 (Queen Nzingha pt.1)

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