Hydrogen Home Heating Unit

The HHO Home Heating Unit can be built by virtually anyone who can follow the step by step instructions provided by HHOHHU LLC. HHOHHU provides everything you need, from a complete listing of where to find every part, video instructions from beginning to the completed project and safety instructions.


Since mid-January 2009 the first seawater heating plant in the world can be found in Scheveningen. The plant will pump seawater from the Scheveningen Harbour to provide the nearby neighbourhood of Duindorp with water at a constant temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.

The seawater heating plant is a unique concept which uses a heat pump and heat exchanger to extract heat from the sea. The water plant is part of the city’s plan to use more sustainable energy and is one of the steps being taken towards making the area ‘climate neutral’ in order to reduce energy usage.

According to Deerns Engineering Consultants, the central heat pump provides a highly efficient means to raise the water temperature to the right level in the winter when the temperature of the sea water is too low. The overall efficiency of the heat generation process with this system is more than 50% better than with conventional high-efficiency boilers, while the cost to the residents is no higher.

Seawater to heat houses in Duindorp, The Hague